Angela & Jason…A Few Beautiful Moments.

We just returned home from a week-long family vacation we took to upper Michigan. I refrained from blogging about it last week because The Hubby asked me not to for “safety reasons.”

My reply to that was “Why don’t I blog about it and then maybe someone will read about it and can break into our home, steal all our old, crappy stuff and then we can get new beautiful stuff when we get back home?!”

He didn’t appreciate my sense of humor at all…imagine that.

Our vacation truly was wonderful, relaxing, peaceful and filled with an amazing amount of family time that we spent together. It really was everything a vacation should be. I’m sure I’ll be preserving a lot of those family memories right here in my blog in the weeks to come.

What it did not include was reliable internet access. I survived…somehow.

It did provide a lot of downtime when I was able to work on editing wedding photos though. Even with all that editing time, I still was only able to finish about half the wedding while we were gone. My respect for wedding photographers has gone up to an even higher level.

Here are a few of the images that caught my eye tonight while I was going through them. As much work as a wedding can be, it really and truly is incredible to be such an important part of the bride and groom’s special day. I’m glad that I was able to help them capture some of those memories in photos.

Enjoy!pose3 - 70's

pre40 - B&W MCP

ceremony29 - B&W


pre46 - MCP gold locket


2 - Sepia


couple1 - 70's and texture