A Little Comic Relief.

I know that formally posed wedding photos are a “must do” at a wedding, but when you are editing #347 out of 582 of them…sometimes you just get a bit tired of editing formal shots.

For this latest wedding, I’ve found that anytime I can’t edit another formal shot any longer, I just need to poke through my files until I find the little flower girl again. She is sure to provide some comic relief to my day!

For instance, here is a photo of a posed shot we tried to do with her and the bride (her aunt)…


Little did we know that she had found a mint right before the shoot was supposed to begin, and no matter what we tried she wanted to take her time eating it…right down to the last teeny-tiny piece.


The ring bearer (who is the bride’s son and the little flower girl’s cousin) then decided to take it upon himself to help her get rid of the mint. A little series of photos that I titled “The Battle of the Mint.”


If you didn’t notice…she definitely won that battle! LOL!

After the mint was finally gone we proceeded to try to get some cute photos of the two little cousins together and thankfully got a few that I thought would work.


Until the little flower girl decided she was tired of having her photo taken and instead wanted to play kissy-face with her cousin.


Full-on, tongue sticking out, licking his face, kissy face with her 7-year-old cousin.


Yeah…while we were laughing our heads off, the poor little guy probably just wanted to dig a hole somewhere to bury his head in it.


All I can say is…thank you for the comic relief! I needed that. 🙂


So, while the bride is probably going to prefer shots like this one…


I have a feeling she’s going to end up with a whole lot of these types of shots too…


Because I just can’t seem to resist them! Too stinkin’ cute for sure…

And now, I’ll head back to my real life which is also known as “Wedding Photo Editing.” {sigh}