“Sports In Action” and “Pets” Photo Challenge

Both of my entries for this week were taken last year…it was fun looking through old photos today to find something that fit the categories. My munchkins have grown up so fast!

Sports In Action:

Out of the 3,129 soccer games I’ve attended in the past five years, you’d think I could find an awesome action shot in my folders somewhere. But no…I didn’t label my photos very well and now I can’t find that perfect shot I was thinking of (arghhh!!!) I did come across this super-cute photo of Weston playing on the neighbor’s trampoline. If trampoline-jumping were an organized sport in our neck of the woods, my kids would all sign up immediately. They love it that much!



This is our pet cat who usually goes by the name of Sassy (unless one of the kids decides she needs a new name on any given day.) I am terribly allergic to cats and I’m convinced that Sassy knows it. The second I walk outside, that dang cat rubs all over me trying to make me sneeze. It’s like I have a cat magnet on my booty! Fortunately none of my kids suffer from that same allergy so they love it when Sassy loves all over them.


Yay for another awesome week at I Faces. See you over there for the fun!