The Crab Walk.

When I was a little girl, one of my “claims to fame” in my family was that I could do The Crab Walk.

The Crab Walk basically consisted of me laying on my back, putting my legs OVER my shoulders, rolling back up and then crab-walking around the house to the gales of laughter I received from my parents and siblings. Not that I was an attention-seeker or anything like that. Right…

I’ve mentioned The Crab Talk to my kids a time or two and they have made it one of their lives goals to be able to do the same thing. And lately, my Wessie-girl has gotten close…


It’s pretty funny to see all their little tooshies up in the air, legs flying everywhere while they attempt to roll back up to do The Crab Walk. None of the boys have made it to that point yet, but my little gal is pretty flexible. She’s almost there!


And what a proud day that will be! It might rank up there with the long-awaited day when one of the kiddos will be able to touch their tongue to their nose just like their mom can.

I have so many proud, amazing legacies to pass on to my kids!

{P.S. The only way I could attempt to do The Crab Walk now is if someone broke off my legs and put them over my shoulders. Of course, then I wouldn’t be able to walk. I’ll just have to let this “legacy” live on through my kids now…}