"Sepia" Photo Challenge

I can’t even tell you how much I enjoyed my week off last week! Not that I got anything super-important accomplished, but it was fun to take the kids to a movie one day, to go to the lake almost every other day and to just relax. I was able to finish a lot of behind-the-scenes work for I Faces as well and I spent numerous hours pouring through last week’s vacation stories. You all have been to a lot of interesting places!

As you can tell, I even took a blogging vacation from my personal blog as well…and it was sooooooo nice. 🙂

It’s back to the normal routine now though as we move into Week 23 at I Faces with a theme of “Sepia.”

Kids Category:
Awhile back, I met up with my resident model (Lifeguard Chelsey from the lake) for another photo shoot. She truly is a natural model and meeting with her helps us both…I get a lot of great one-on-one photography practice and she gets some great photos to keep.

My daughter and my niece tagged along with us and while I was shooting some photos of Chelsey on a local railroad track, I decided to do a quick shoot with Weslea and Caryn as well. This is one of my favorite shots of Caryn (although it’s kind of weird seeing her with brown eyes instead of blue!)
iHeartFaces - Sepia Kid

Adults Category:

And this was a shot of Chelsey that I took that same day…here is the girl in all of her “I’m not-even-a-size-zero” glory (not that I’m jealous or anything.)

She truly is one beautiful gal…inside and out.

iHeartFaces - Sepia Adult

Here’s to another great week at I Faces everyone! Thanks for inspiring me the way you always do…