Photo Editing Fun – “Sad Little Guy”

FacesFixItSeveral weeks ago, I helped edit this photo for a lady who submitted it to the Constructive Feedback Friday feature we have over at I Faces from time-to-time. I fell in love! It was such a beautiful photo and so much fun to edit.

If you’d like to see other beautiful edits of this photo and learn even more about photo editing, be sure to stop by I Faces today. My sister included a tutorial on “Five Ways To Make Eyes Pop” with her fix-it and she has a free download to several beautiful photo masks that she’s created. So very, very cool!

My Edited Photo:


My Original Edit and then my second edit in which I cloned out the little bit of white molding behind this little guy.

18-Angie Collage

If you have an extra minute or so, be sure to hop on over to I Faces and join in the fun!