My Story In Photos: "Malawi Missions Trip"

It’s Week 22 at I Faces and Amy and I are taking our very first “vacation” from our weekly photo challenges. Instead of closing down the whole site for a week, we decided to sponsor our very first “My Story In Photos” feature instead. We are providing a Mr. Linky where our fans, participants and friends can link in a story that they tell through photos…and for this week, their story is supposed to be about a vacation they went on. This whole feature is just for fun and hopefully will be a way for us all to learn more about each other as well.

Well, I’m cheating this week…

Up until about an hour ago, I was planning to post photos of our very favorite family vacation…the free Panama Canal cruise we went on two years ago when I earned it while I was an active Stampin’ Up demonstrator. It was the very most perfect vacation we have ever been on and all of our kids still talk about it to this day.


But then I began editing photos from the missions trip my brother and his wife just got home from. They are editing many of the photos themselves, but I’m honored to be able to help them out with some of them as well.

They just got home from a two-week missions trip that they took to Malawi. To call it a life-changing event would be putting it mildly. I was so moved by the photos that I was working on that I decided that our family vacation couldn’t even compare to the experience Jeff and Danielle lived through. Here are some of the photos from their amazing trip.

Malawi is an incredibly beautiful country….these photos of the astounding landscape literally took my breath away:





And Malawi was full of beautiful people as well:



Here are two girls that Danielle got to play with one day…


And here is a little girl who was fascinated with Jeff. Isn’t she a doll? He said that she attached herself to him even when her mother tried to make her stay away. 🙂 She eventually started bringing him “treats” of corn.


The highlight of their trip was getting to meet the two children that they sponsor. Here was one of their meetings…


Other than the hospital they visited (which was a heart-wrenching event since it was full of terminally ill children) one of the things that Jeff and Danielle noticed most about the people of Malawi was their inherent joy. When I talked to Jeff on the phone tonight he couldn’t stop talking about the joy they saw in the faces everywhere they went. He was also impressed with the cleanliness of the small villages they visited even in the midst of the overwhelming poverty.

The poverty and malnourishment was so prevalent though and so sad to see. This photo below broke my heart when I opened it up…


If you’d like to read more about Jeff and Danielle’s trip, please feel free to visit their blog. I know they would be willing to answer any questions you might have for them. Just leave your questions in their comment box and check back there for their answers.


While our family cruise vacation was an extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime event for us, it truly paled in comparison to the beauty I saw in Jeff and Danielle’s trip. I hope you enjoyed having me share it with all of you.

Thank you for visiting everyone! I’m off to enjoy my week-long break…woo-hoo!! 🙂