My Family


Let me introduce you to my completely wonderful, insanely crazy, always goofy, hysterically funny, absolutely amazing family.

This photo was taken after an evening of “family night.” A night that consisted of us playing kick ball together, the kids being swung in circles by their dad, a rousing game of “pile on dad”, “wrestlemania” and other educational activities (like who could de-pants the other kids first.) This might explain their dirt covered feet and sweaty, flushed faces a little bit better. 😉

I’m thinking that this picture alone should convince me to make the leap from being an amateur photographer to becoming a professional photographer. I say that because no matter who the families might be that I’ll be privileged to photograph in the future…they will have to be easier to photograph than the crazy monkeys in my own family. Right? Good grief…

My dear hubby is Bill (who gave himself the blech-awful bloggy name of Sweatiepy many years ago.) Now pretty much everyone in real life who has read my blog before calls him that name just to drive me crazy.

My kiddos are the “4 W’s.” Will, Weslea, Wyatt and Weston. Since I was a little girl I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom with a bunch of kiddos. Being their mom has been my dream come true. I am blessed beyond belief.

Together we are The Arthur Clan. It’s a fun place for us to be!

And there is no other place on earth that I’d rather be.

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