Angie’s Camera Gear

I just realized how sadly out of date this page had become.  And, let me tell you, am I ever thrilled about that!  Because…that means that I finally have the camera of my dreams!  🙂


• Canon 5D Mark II
I am now the proud owner of my baby, the Canon 5D Mark II and am loving it!  I saved long and hard for this beauty refusing to let myself purchase it until I had earned all of the money myself.  I purchased it through Arlington Camera for the best price I could find on the web and also because they gave me a nice discount as part of their sponsorship of I Heart Faces.  Sponsorship aside, I have never received such amazing personal service before…I talked with Bill (the owner of Arlington Camera) several times on the phone while he walked me through exactly what I would need to get started with my new camera right away.
Canon 5D Mark II

• Canon Rebel XT
I also still own my Canon Rebel XT which I will always be fond of.  I’m using it as my back-up camera and my two oldest children are now going to start taking a photography course with me as one of their 4H projects this summer.  They are extremely interested in photography which makes my heart sing!

Camera Lenses (Canon 5D Mark II):

• 50mm 1.4: In December 2008, I purchased the 50mm 1.4 lens as a Christmas gift to myself. I absolutely love this lens! It is wonderful for indoor and portrait photography.


• Tamron 70-200 2.8:
This lens was given to me by Tamron as part of our compensation for a campaign we are running for them on i heart faces.

When I found out I’d be able to pick out a lens, my thought was to get the most expensive one (that I actually needed) as I could within the budge they had given me.

I think I made the best choice possible.  This lens has become the lens that remains on my 5D Mii at least 90% of the time.

It’s versatile, the zoom is wonderful for sporting and school events, the creamy bokeh is divine, the 2.8 is awesome and it’s very sharp.

The only downside would be the weight of the lens.  There is no way around this, but it was hard adjusting to a bigger, heavier camera in the first place.  Adding this lens added to the weight immensely.  I’m used to it now though…so much so that I even carried it around on our last day trip to the zoo.  It worked perfectly!

Tamron 70-200

• Canon Speedlite 580EX II – Hot-Shoe Clip-On Flash
I consider myself to be a “Natural Light Photographer” and am really drawn to the look and style of Natural Light photography. But, I have discovered that there are situations when an off-camera flash is very useful and needed…especially at weddings and indoor school events where flash is permitted.  I finally gave in an purchased this lens in February 2009 right before I photographed my daughter’s Father-Daughter Dance.


• 18-55mm: My camera came with the standard 18-55mm lens (this lens is “okay” and is definitely the one I use the least.)  I usually only use it for a rare landscape shot that I might take.  My advice now is to skip paying money for a kit lens.  Instead purchase the most expensive camera body you can afford plus the 50mm 1.8 lens (this lens is very inexpensive for Canon shooters.)  You’ll get much more out of those two purchases that you will with a kit deal.


• 75-300mm: At the time that we purchased the camera, it also came with a 75-300mm zoom lens (which I liked very much when I was first starting out, mainly because of the amazing bokeh I achieved with it.)
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• Tamron 28-75 2.8: I purchased this lens to use at the second wedding I shot.  The 2.8 aperture was fantastic for indoor purposes.  This lens is on my Canon Rebel XT 99% of the time now because it is so versatile.
Tamron 28-75

My Photo Editing Programs:

Photoshop CS5
Lightroom 3 (the program I am teaching myself right now – you can download this program for free in it’s Beta form right now) – I will be purchasing this program as soon as it becomes available.

I used Photoshop CS3 until I purchase my new camera.  I then decided to upgrade to CS5 because CS3 can’t read the RAW files from my new camera and it makes just one more awful step to make editing my photos an even longer process.

Photoshop Actions that I use, own and love:

Pioneer Woman’s Action Set 1 (free)
Pioneer Woman’s Action Set 2 (free)
Totally Rad Actions – TRA and TRA 2 – The Revenge
Imagenomic Noiseware Professional
(I use the above action sets ALL the time.)

Eye Candy Actions – Sheye Rosemeyer
Itty Bitty Actions (52 set)
There are gazillions of free Photoshop and Lightroom action sets that you can find online as well. If you know an educator or a student, you can purchase Photoshop and Lightroom for a much more reasonable price than what it is listed at. The programs I purchased through Imagenomic are fairly pricey, but they have been a godsend for me. Our daughter has a skin condition that comes and goes on her face and this program helps me fix her skin very easily and gives her beautiful portraits of herself where she doesn’t have to remember the times when her skin is having issues. I’ve also found that it comes in very handy when I am shooting photos of high school seniors who often have skin issues as well.

Lightroom Presets:

(I will add a list of these soon.)

Photographers Who Inspire Me (in no particular order):

The Pioneer Woman
Miz Booshay
Susan Keller
Sheye Rosemeyer
Jasmine Star
Amy Wenzel
Tara Whitney
Julie Rivera
American Mum
I hope you will find this list useful as you are looking for items that might meet your photography needs!