About Me


Who am I?

  • Married for 15 years to my very best friend, Bill (who is also unfortunately known as Sweatiepy in the blogging world)
  • Lucky mom to the 4 W’s (Will, Weslea, Wyatt and Weston) and one extra “W” (our puppy Willow)
  • Blessed daughter of two wonderful, Christian parents (Jerry and Karen)
  • Best friends with my four siblings (one older sister, Janine; one younger sister, Andrea; and two younger brothers, Jeff and Jon)
  • Child of the King…my faith in my Savior gives my life meaning, purpose and hope
  • Owner of Angie Arthur Photography
  • Pianist
  • An extremely unenthusiastic jogger
  • In love with my iPhone
  • Complete Diet Coke addict (I need a support group)

I am the co-founder of i heart faces.

You can find me:

It’s a joy to have you stop by…

My younger sister, Andrea, and I were asked by Three Bay B Chicks to participate in a video blog on the topic of “Sisters and Blogging.” Since it shows off our personalities fairly well, I thought I’d add the link right here on my “About Me” page. Please excuse the extreme goofiness!