A Bit Of Awkward.

My kids have a new saying that they picked up from somewhere. Every time someone in our family does something weird or says something strange, one of the kids will now hold up their hands in a weird “A” symbol and say “Awwwwkward. That was really very Awkward, Mom.”


I have no idea where that came from, but it completely cracks me up. Maybe it’s the new “cool”, “kewl” or “phat?”

In honor of this new saying my children keep “blessing” us with, I have to ask you…have you seen this new photo website yet?

If not, head on over there and I’ll consider this my good deed of the week. It’s sure to provide a laugh, or two…or a million.


I only laugh at the people in those photos because I am absolutely certain that if I sent in any family photo of my siblings, parents and myself when I was growing up, we’d be featured every single day on that site.

We were definitely Awkward. With a capital “A.”