“Wedding Bells” Photo Challenge

Oh my goodness…we have Jasmine Star with us at I Faces this week!! She is a complete rock star in the wedding photography world so it’s completely awesome to have her with us for our “Wedding Bells” theme.

I’m a co-founder of I Faces so I can’t be considered as a winner. I just enter for fun of it! To tell you the truth, I’m thankful that I can’t be a winner this week…having Jasmine Star look at one of my photos might make me completely spaz out. 😉

This photo was taken at the one (and only) wedding I’ve shot so far. I just loved the look of complete joy I captured here…they were so happy to finally be married! I am now going to be shooting a second wedding in just a few weeks. (Taking deep breaths as I begin to get nervous again…)


Each person can only enter one photo into this week’s “Wedding Bells” photo challenge. If you’d like to enter our other “Just For Fun” category, feel free to do so but please put your photo in a separate post. That category is just like it sounds – it’s just for fun, has to have a face in it and no one will be judging those photos. So, if you’ve never participated because the “judging” part of things is a bit scary for you, this is the week for you. Come on over to I Faces and join in the fun!