“Let’s Hear It For The Boys!” Photo Challenge

In honor of Father’s Day, it’s “Boy’s Week” over at I Faces this week. Since I was busy with Father’s Day stuff all day, I am literally just entering the first photos that caught my eye for each category. I think it’s a good thing that I’m not eligible to win…hee!

Kids Category:

This photo caught my eye because it’s just the epitome of “boy” to me. Ornery look on his face, chapped lips, sticky-outie ears, dirty face…and a wonderful reminder of a fun day we spent together. I could look at this photo all day…iHeartFaces - Boys

Adults Category:

This photo is of the groom at the wedding I shot last month and was chosen because I am smack-dab in the middle of trying to finish the editing of all those photos. I have “The Wedding” on my mind I guess…

iHeartFaces - Men

Yay for the guys this week!! I can’t imagine my life without the three little guys and the one big guy I’ve been blessed to spend my life with! 🙂