“Just For Fun” Photo Challenge

I was on Twitter last night happily tweeting about having Jasmine Star as our Guest Photographer Judge at I ♥ Faces (holy wow!!) and started realizing that a lot of people were a bit disappointed that they wouldn’t be able to participate because they didn’t have any photos that went with the “Wedding Bells” theme.

Well that would have just stunk! Due to that, Amy and I decided to add in a “Just For Fun” category this week. We want everyone to be able to participate every single week that they can and this will be a fun way to do that.

So this category is exactly that! It’s just for fun…the only requirements are that your post should only have one photo in it and the photo has to have at least one face in it. Best yet – the photos won’t be judged. It’s completely and totally “Just For Fun!!”

So, in the spirit of “Just For Fun” here is a photo of my favorite people in all the world…Bill and the four kiddos goofing off tonight. I needed a photo for the “My Family” tab at the top of my blog and this one seems to work perfectly! It’s show them exactly as they are…goofy, crazy, full of fun and wonderful!


Pop on over and join in the fun at I ♥ Faces! It’s the perfect “no pressure” week to join us. 🙂