Where Art Thou, O Internet?

I am without internet access. Which basically means that I am having major withdrawals.

In our teeny-tiny town yesterday morning, there was a car accident. And that car accident apparently knocked out internet access for a bunch of us….and by us, I mean me.

So, I spent a long evening at my sister’s house trying to finish up all of my I Faces work as quickly as I could.

It is now 12:40 AM and I am tired and am heading home. To a home that (hopefully!) will have internet access again soon. (Pretty please!!)

For today’s photo, here is an image that represents our life right now and shows off one of Sweatiepy’s many talents…bossing around a bunch of 7 and 8-year-olds on the soccer field.


Just one more week until soccer is over and we have our nice, quiet little life back.

We are eagerly anticipating that day.