After attending multiple soccer games on Saturday, Weslea and I spent a good portion of our day driving to a bigger town (that actually has a Wal-Mart and a large craft store!) to find all of the materials needed to complete her Penguin Diorama that was due that coming Monday.

Yes, I have not gotten any better with procrastination than I was in college. I, apparently, do all my best work under pressure.

And my kids seem to have inherited that little trait from their mother as well. Poor things.


And, just like their mother, they like to do things up BIG. We couldn’t just stick with a poster board or a play dough penguin…nope! Weslea had to choose the mother of all science projects. The diorama.

It actually ended up being fun…and creative…and messy…and oh-so-cool. And it even made me pull out and use several scrapbooking supplies that were hiding in their original boxes in my basement. That’s always a good thing!

penguin collage

She helped fashion this project every step of the way and it was a delight to work side-by-side with her on something that she was so excited about.

Just another *thrilling* weekend here at The Arthur Clan. 😉