My Mother’s Day Gift To Me.

The other day I was going through all of my older photo files and came across a little treasure…a short video that Sweatiepy had taken on the day after Weston was born.

Oh. My. Word. How I wish that we had recorded more events like this.

While I might be fairly handy with the camera now, we are both horribly awful with remembering to use the video camera to record special moments.

While watching the video I got to see almost the exact moment that our whole clan was together for the first time. I got to realize just how insane we were to have four kids so closely together (they are all so very little.) I got to experience their “little children voices” all over again. I got to sit there and think “this is the best Mother’s Day gift ever!”

In the video the kids had a really difficult time remembering Weston’s name. We had chosen not to find out if he would be a girl or a boy until he was born and even then weren’t exactly sure what our name would be if the baby ended up being a boy. Their Aunt Drew, on the other hand, had known that her baby would be a boy forever and the kids had known his name would be Nathan for months. It was a very exciting moment for them because my sister and I gave birth within a day and a half of each other and my kids got to visit both babies in the hospital at the same time (my sister and I even shared a room together for a few hours.)

While watching the video, I also couldn’t get over Wyatt’s sweet little baby voice. He experienced a fairly severe speech delay and speech disorder until we enrolled him in a special preschool when he was three. It was so cute to experience his little “Wyatt Language” again. I’m so glad that we have that on video tape to remember it by.

So, if you’d like to see my little Mother’s Day gift to myself, you can click on the video below.

If you do that though, please do the following:

1) Ignore my big, curly, horribly obnoxious hair (it’s really, really big)

2) Ignore my nasally voice (blech!)

3) Ignore my big glasses (this is way before my laser surgery days unfortunately)

4) Keep in mind that I had just given birth the day before (that might explain my less-than-fortunate appearance)

5) You know what? Scratch numbers 1 through 4. Just ignore me completely and focus on the four little cuties around me instead.

Happy Mother’s Day to me!