Mr. Amazing

I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Jack. Or, as my sister (Janine) and I like to call him when he’s not around…”Mr. Amazing.”


Back when Janine and I first joined the local Rec Center last September, we never realized that we might end up making friends with the older people who exercise there. That is exactly what happened though…and Jack is one of those people whom we now call a friend.

Jack is in his 80’s and he runs for hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday when he is at the Rec Center. Not only does he run, but he trains for sprint races that he competes in all over the country. Races that include a certain event known as The Senior Olympics. Yes, Jack (at the ripe old age of 83) competes in the national Senior Olympics event (in addition to a bunch of other competitions as well.) And, not only does he compete in them, he almost always wins them…placing in at least the top three in every event he competes in.

I’ll just give you a minute to absorb that information.

Wowza! That would be why we call him Mr. Amazing.

We have discovered that many of the older gentlemen at the Rec Center are very chatty. Extremely chatty! We love it though because every time they stop to talk with us, we can take a break from working out. 🙂

Jack stops to chat with us often and we feel that we have gotten to know him fairly well. He’s told us about the death of his wife, Linda, whom he obviously still adores; about the plane museum that he helps out at; about his running medals that he gives out to the kids who visit the Rec Center with their parents; about the way he serves on the local town council… We also learned that after Linda passed away, he started to become fascinated with miniature trains and he now has quite a collection of them.jack1

When we found that out, we told him about our younger sister, Andrea, and her entire family of train enthusiasts…and Jack invited us all over to his home to see his train collections.

Last week we were finally able to find a date that worked for all of us and we spent a wonderful Friday evening together checking it all out.jack9

As you can imagine, the boy cousins were quite fascinated.





And Jack pretty much had the time of his life showing off all the fancy train gadgets to those fascinated boys!



It really just warmed my heart to see Jack in his home sharing something that he loves so much with a bunch of kids he’d never even met before.


He really and truly is Mr. Amazing!