"Little Precious" – Photo Editing Fun

Most weeks at I Faces we have a special feature that we run on Friday that is called “Fix-It Friday.” We provide a photo that anyone can download and then each participant can use the photo editing program of their choice to “fix” that photo anyway that they’d like. We have special contributors who send in tutorials with their fixed-up images that we can post on our site…but we also provide a Mr. Linky so that anyone who wants to participate can join in on the fun too.

Unfortunately for me, I’m usually so tired of blogging by the time I post the Fix-It articles that I never actually participate. But this week I just couldn’t resist…the little gal in this photo was just too precious!

So, here are my “fixes” for Fix-It #15.

Problems: The photo was underexposed a bit (something that is almost impossible not to do when shooting a photo indoors) and has some distracting elements. As a mom, I love the doll and the peek-a-boo from behind the bookshelf, but as a photographer I find that I tend to crop those elements out of the photo.

Photo Editing Program: Photoshop CS3

Photoshop Actions Used:


Pioneer Woman (free set of actions)

Sheye Rosemeyer’s set of actions – Eye Candy (Sheye is one of my very favorite online photogs. Her life story is astounding, heart wrenching, full of beauty and inspiring. Do yourself a huge favor and check her out!) This is a set of actions that I just purchased last week and couldn’t wait to play with a bit.

Jodi from MCP Actions “Touch of Light”

FixIt15JenniferFernandez Original Photo by Jennifer. What a beauty!

Step 1 – adjusting in Camera RAW

I opened up the jpg photo file in Camera RAW and made immediate improvements by adjusting the fill light and exposure sliders.

15Angie - 1 (Camera RAW)

Step 2 – Reducing the Noise

Since this photo was shot indoors which resulted in Jennifer having to use a higher ISO, I decided to get rid of some of that noise by running a Noiseware action over it. This action makes a soft, subtle different…but do I ever love it!

15Angie - 2 (Noiseware)

Step 3 – Following My Basic Workflow

15Angie - 3 (Basic plus TOL)

The above image is what I came up with just by following my basic workflow (adjusting the layers within each of the actions for each step):

  • Pioneer Woman’s Boost action
  • Pioneer Woman’s Fresh & Colorful action (I work within these layers a LOT.)
  • Pioneer Woman’s Bring On The Eyes action
  • Jodi (MCP Actions) Touch of Light action (if needed)
  • Healing Brush Tool for skin imperfections (if needed)
  • Pioneer Woman’s Slight Sharpen action

Step 4 – Playing Around With Actions!

This is the fun part for me! After all of my basic editing is done, I get to play. This time I decided to focus on the new actions I had just purchased from Sheye.

Image 1

15Angie- 9 (Eye Candy - Lemon Fresh Overlay) Eye Candy – Lemon Fresh Overlay

Image 2

15Angie - 7 (Eye Candy - DAB Pale Berry) Eye Candy – Day At The Beach (Pale Berry)

Image 3

15Angie - 8 (Eye Candy - Velveteen) Eye Candy – Velveteen

Image 4

15Angie - 10 (Eye Candy - Cross Process Texture) Eye Candy – Cross Process Texture

Image 5

15Angie - 11 (Eye Candy - Carnivale Color) Eye Candy – Carnivale Color

Image 6

15Angie - 12 (Eye Candy - Hazey) Eye Candy – Hazey

I could do this all day! In fact, I need to do this all day with all of my own photos I still need to edit (yikes!) If you choose to participate, I hope you enjoy working with this photo as much as I did. 🙂