Hello Gorgeous!

Earlier today, Janine (my sister) and I attended a ladies get-together with the women from my church. The activity included visiting the town of Mansfield, OH and stopping at attractions like Kingwood Center, the Richland Carousel and eating a late lunch at a quaint little cafe there in town.

Almost immediately after entering the incredibly beautiful gardens at Kingwood Center, I happened upon this handsome little fellow…


Why hello gorgeous! Would you like to put on a display for me?


After just a few moments of making a slight fool out of myself by clucking to him and letting him know how handsome I thought he was…I was rewarded in a big way!




How beautiful is he?!

When I met up with him again later on in the day, he decided to be aloof…Angie9

And a bit standoffish…


But (not to brag or anything) at that moment in time…Angie1

I’m pretty sure he was liking me. He was liking me a lot!