"Hats" Photo Challenge

What a busy weekend this has been! I had a million creative ideas for this week’s theme floating around in my head, but ended up spending most of my weekend helping my daughter, Weslea, get her Penguin Diorama ready for her science class instead…(yippee.) Due to that, it’s all older photos for me this week.

Kids Category:

This photo would never win an award or prize anywhere (guess I’m lucky that I can’t be considered as a winner for I Faces!) but I’m including it for hat week for two reasons:

1) I can’t win at I Faces anyway. I just enter because it’s so much fun!

2) If you aren’t me, the story behind this photo is just slightly hysterically funny. So, if you’d like to opportunity to pee your pants laughing (at my expense, of course) about the way we happened to “borrow” this hat and scarf for the Christmas program at our church, just click here. My oh my, the scrapes I can get myself into…


Adults Category:

This photo was chosen because…it was the one and only photo of an adult wearing a hat that I could find in all of my billions of files of photos. How’s that for a good reason?! lol!

For the past four years I have been the Vacation Bible School director at our church. This was one of the men at our church who volunteered to help at the end-of-the-week VBS festival where I was the “official” photographer. He’s also one of the people who serves in the Prison Ministry with me. I love the character and strength of the person that he is and it’s easy to see that character and strength reflected in his face as well.dave

I hope you had more luck finding time to play with your camera this week than I did! 🙂 I can’t wait to see all of the amazing entries over at I ♥ Faces!

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