"Happy Birthday" and "Pets" Photo Challenge

On Thursday, I will be turning “Forever 29.” This year is approximately the seventh time I turn “Forever 29.” To commemorate the event, my husband will be out of town on a business trip all week. Oh yay! This birthday thing is just getting more and more fun the more I think about it…not. {sigh}

Since I was already in the birthday mood (because I have spent weeks trying to come up with ways to convince my dear hubby that I “need” a certain, completely expensive camera lens as my Mother’s Day/Birthday gift this year…a gift that he can completely blame American Mum for since she recommended that incredibly wonderful lens in one of the tutorials she wrote for I Faces) this week turned into a “Happy Birthday” theme for the Kids category. Instead of an Adults category, we added a Pets one which is sure to be full of cutie-pie animals/pets.

Kids Category:


This is my beautiful mom and our youngest son. Every year when one of the grandkids have a birthday my mom has them spend the night at her home and she plans a special day with them which usually includes taking them out to eat for lunch (their choice of restaurant!), taking them shopping for their birthday gifts and then any other special activities that she can think of. As you can imagine, my kids look forward to their special day with her and my dad for months before their actual birthday arrives.

On Weston’s birthday this year, he received a special Happy Birthday hat at preschool (which he wore for the next three days) and we met my mom at a restaurant for lunch before he was transferred to her car to spend the rest of the day with her. Weston’s personality is one of complete extremes…he can be intensely loving and then the next instant turn passionately angry. In this photo you can see him demonstrating the extreme happiness he was experiencing about seeing his grandma and knowing he was going to spend the day with her. He was one excited boy!

Pets Category:


I spent all day Friday running my stinkin’ head off. Took Weston to preschool; attended Weslea’s Field Day at school; picked Weston up from preschool; ran back to school for the Volunteer Appreciation luncheon; attended Will’s Field Day; ran home to get Weslea ready for a overnight birthday party she was going to; and then packed up the rest of the family to drive to a graduation party we needed to go to. Phew!

At Will’s Field Day, two of the parents brought their pets with them and Weston was in heaven. He spent all of his time at the event plastered to one or the other of those dogs trying to make them play with him and/or eat the grass he was trying to feed them (they were not interested in that part at all…imagine that!)

This was one of those dogs. Or as Weston would say, this is the “doggie that my love soooooooo much!!”

Looking forward to a fun week with all of you I Faces participants. Wish me luck as I deal with four kids all week and no dad. 🙁 Friday can’t come soon enough. Hee!

co-founder of I Faces