That is the only word to describe this past week for me. Let’s see, we had…

  • No internet for awhile {sob}
  • Relatives visiting from out-of-town (so much fun!)
  • My niece’s first dance on Friday that I helped photograph.
  • My very first wedding to shoot!! How exciting is that?
  • Big get-together at our house on Monday which involved me cleaning like a complete crazy woman.
  • Field Day events for all of my kids at school.

In addition to editing all of those photos, I am finishing up four other shoots that I need to get out to those people as quickly as I can. So, that would help explain my blogging hiatus. The extended hiatus that I’ll probably be on for the rest of the week.

Not too much longer and I’ll be able to get back on here to blog about this event:

wedding10 - vignette


wed2 - vignette - L&E

Ahhh….young love.

What an amazing couple they are. I can’t wait to tell you more about them!

I’ll be back soon…