Angie’s “Surprise Giveaway” Winner!

Last week, I posted several images that I had taken on my last Photography Drive. I also announced that in conjunction with the big surprise giveaway we were having over at I Faces, I would also be having a smaller surprise giveaway for one of the Followers of my personal blog.

I am now hoping that this isn’t the lamest giveaway ever in Blogger history.

Since I’m (obviously) a little bit obsessed with photography, I thought I’d have my surprise giveaway involve my addiction.

So, the winner of my giveaway will be getting their choice of three of the prints I posted from my last Photography Drive (there are five to choose from.) The winner will also be able to choose the size of their prints (anywhere from 4×6 up to 11×14.)

Here are the photos that the winner can choose from:


And, from all of my awesome Followers:


This is the name that was drawn:


How cute is this mom of three?! Steph is someone that I have recently met through I Faces so I am really hoping that a photography giveaway is something that she will like. *crossing my fingers!*

If you like this idea of a giveaway, let me know in the comments below. I’m thinking about having another one in the future sometime…(?!) What do you all think?

Congrats Steph! And thank you to all of you who have chosen to Follow my blog. It’s been wonderful to have you here!

(Steph – I’ll just need you to contact me at iheartfaces AT hotmail DOT com so that I can get your prints on their way to you right away.)