“Silhouettes” Photo Challenge

It’s “Silhouettes” week at I Faces. Due to this being a long holiday weekend, our photo challenge will be open for entries during Tues & Weds and we will only be having one category. So, get ready to enter your photo into our challenge this week (only one photo so that Amy and I will have enough time to go through all of the entries.)

button - silhouettes

My silhouette photo was taken just earlier this evening (nothing like waiting until the last minute and all!) We had special visitors this weekend that we don’t get to see very often ~ my dad’s two sisters (Sharon & Sue), Sue’s husband, Rich, and their granddaughter, Ellen. We tried to spend as much time with them as possible and ended up hosting a big family bonfire/cookout/4-wheelin’ event at our house tonight. Too much fun!

Ellen, Weslea and Caryn (Weslea’s cousin) were inseparable. When I asked them to put on some sundresses and pose for a silhouette shot for me, they were thrilled. They were awesome models and allowed me to practice for quite awhile until I finally achieved the look I wanted.

My very first attempt at a silhouette!! And it was all thanks to Susan’s incredible tutorial that she shared with us.


Best wishes everyone! I can’t wait to see what you came up with for this theme. 🙂

co-founder of I Faces