Sometimes Bad Can Be Good. Imagine That!

Many of you really seemed to like the photo of Weslea that I added to my last post. It was my new favorite photo, but it made my day to hear that you all liked it as well. Sometimes I’m afraid that I’m viewing my photos through “mommy goggles”…which doesn’t always make for the best photos.

The funny thing is…that photo was the result of me spending quite a bit of my Sunday afternoon purposefully trying to shoot bad photos of Weslea. Yes I did. The worst possible photos I could take. This was all because of the photo editing program that was featured on our site last week…because of that program I was trying to take a photo of Weslea where her face would be majorly shadowed and yet somehow keep the bright blue sky with white puffy clouds behind her intact. That way everyone could try out the new program during this week’s Fix-It Friday.

I failed miserably. I was able to achieve the shadowed face easy enough, but I could not get the sky to stay blue behind her. It was completely washed out in every stinkin’ photo I took.

My SOOC Shots (Straight-Out-Of-Camera):


I took at least 200-250 of these photos…all while trying to achieve the perfect “bad” photo I was looking for. And Weslea patiently modeled for me the entire time.

In some of the photos, the background (which should have been a bright blue sky) turned completely white.


These photos got me to thinking that they might be kind of fun to work with in Photoshop anyway…so that’s what I did. And these horrible, no good, very bad photos are now some of my very favorites ever.

Life is so ironic sometimes…









A Few Points:

a) I am totally making myself stop uploading photos now. Stop it Angie!! I have more but I’d hate to bore the tears out of you all.

b) Thank heavens for little girls! I love my boys to pieces, but no matter how much I begged they absolutely refused to put on the beautiful white dress, carry flowers around and model for a “bad” photo for me. The nerve of those boys!

c) The pink look was achieved by me going through my normal editing routine in Photoshop and then I applied Pioneer Woman’s free SEVENTIES action at the very end. That action worked perfectly for this set of photos…probably because of the washed out sky. (Sidenote: I originally posted that I used PW’s vintage action on these photos…Marchelle caught my error for me. Thank you Marchelle!!)

d) Thank goodness for my bad photo shoot. Who would have thought it would turn out this well?

Ack!! I can’t help myself. Here’s one more! I love this photo of her because this is how she spends 95% of our shoots…running her mouth, bossing me around, telling me what we should do, where we should go, what we should try next… 🙂


She’s my “second shooter” already…even though she doesn’t even have a working camera of her own. She’s just decided that she’ll be the boss until she gets her own camera. 🙂

Man, I love that kid!