"Self-Portrait" Photo Challenge

This I ♥ Faces post should actually just be titled “The Humiliation of Angie.” That would be a much more appropriate title!

The *rules* are that in the Kids photo, I have to be in it with at least one child. And, in the Adults photo it has to be just me…not one other person can be in it to help take the attention off the road map of wrinkles on my face. The other rule is that I can’t use a tripod or set the camera on anything…I have to be holding the camera for this self-portrait.

Who thinks up these themes anyway?! I think I’ll blame Amy for this one. Hee! 🙂

Kids Category:

I worked so hard to get a photo for this category. Out of about 15 different ideas and 300 different shots, this is the only one that worked (and had the least amount of my face in it) so I went with it…

This is me looking at the kids in the pull-down mirror in our van. We were sitting in the van in our driveway trying to recreate a typical family drive in which they make each other crazy…which, in turn, makes their mom crazy.


Please ignore the gross stuff all over the window next to Wyatt. I’m *sure* that it was the dust from the half-dirt road that we live on…it surely wasn’t him using his spit to write words on the window. My kids would never do anything like that!

{Special Sidenote: I have been accused of “cheating” by not putting my whole face in this photo. But, I think that since I can’t win anyway AND since I contributed a big hair photo of myself to our I Faces April Fools post…I should be allowed to cheat. I am never going to get over the emotional scars of posting my crazy hair in all it’s full glory…so that alone gives me special cheating privileges for….forever! At least that’s what I keep telling myself…hee!}

Adults Category:

This photo was taken back in December after Sweatiepy came home from a work activity in which he and some of his department attended a Cavs basketball game (it was a very “difficult” activity for them all to participate in as you can imagine.) Everyone who attended the game that night was part of “Wiggy Weekend” and got to take home an amazing free gift with them.

The kids and I weren’t able to resist the temptation and had a ton of fun with that free gift (this is the exact point in time when the “Humiliation of Angie” begins…)


Yep, that’s me…bright and early on a Saturday morning…before I showered…or brushed my teeth…or had a long meeting with my makeup…sporting my stylin’ “Wiggy Weekend” hairdo.

Aren’t I gorgeous?! *snort*

You can see the kiddos sporting the same hairdo (and looking a heckuva lot cuter than I do) by clicking here.

At this point, I am just hoping all the other participants will take this opportunity to humiliate themselves more than I just did. C’mon everyone! Join in and be fun, crazy, silly, creative or boring…we don’t care! We just want to meet you and have you take this opportunity to “show off your face!” 🙂

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