Overrun By…Clothing.

After three days of 80+ degree weather, I finally deemed that it was “safe” to bring out the summer clothes and put away all of the winter clothing.

When you are talking about clothing for six different people…that’s a LOT of clothes.

I decided to change the clothing around even though I know that every single time I do the big “clothing switcheroo” around here, we are bound to have a complete change in weather and then I’m down in the basement going through all the clothing trying to find the kids warm clothes to wear again.

We have clothing everywhere around here. Everywhere! I’ve sorted through most of them and now have them all in certain areas:

1) Bags of clothes that the boys have outgrown that will now go to their cousin, James.

2) Bags of clothes that Weslea has outgrown that will now go to my friend’s little girl, Macey.

3) Bags of clothes to go to Goodwill.

4) Bins of summer clothes to go upstairs to the kids rooms.

5) Bins of winter clothes to go back down to the basement.

6) Bins basically covering every square inch of my house!!!

And, wouldn’t you know it…now that I’ve switched all of the clothing around, today it is 62 degrees here with a 70% chance of rain. We’re freezing our little tootsies off.

I’m just going to look at pretty pictures instead of thinking about all those clothes I’m going to have to go through again…


Ahhhh….that’s much better.