Ohio’s “Texas Bluebonnets”

I have been viewing incredibly beautiful photos of bluebonnets on all the blogs of my Texas friends these past couple of weeks. I asked my sister one day “Does Ohio have anything like the Texas bluebonnets? A flower that comes up every year like that?” Neither of us could think of even one example of a beautiful flower like that in Ohio.

Until yesterday when I was outside taking photos and I suddenly realized…oh lucky us! Ohio does have it’s own version of the Texas bluebonnet!!


Too bad for us Buckeyes that it’s actually a weed that it just about impossible to get rid of…


A weed that blankets our yards with thousands of “beautiful” little faces that like to proliferate on an hourly basis…


A weed that all my children have an insane attraction to and find it impossible to keep their little hands off of them…


A weed that stains EVERYTHING it comes in contact with…and by “everything it comes in contact with” I mean my children’s clothes.


Remember my I Faces entry of Weslea in her beautiful, pristine white dress sitting by my neighbor’s pond? Notice the lack of dandelions? That’s the magic of Photoshop. And I have learned that Photoshop is the only possible way to get rid of those dang things.


This is one “flower” that we Buckeyes would love to see disappear as quickly as possible!


Just thought you’d enjoy seeing our beautiful Ohio “yellowbonnets” in all their amazing loveliness.

Go away Ohio yellowbonnets. Unlike Texas bluebonnets, you are not welcome here!