"My Friend & I" Photo Challenge

I think the theme we are having at I Faces this week, “My Friend & I” is going to be a really cute one. Most weeks, the photos usually feature just one face (which is awesome because you can quickly see new ways to get different shots from your camera) but this week’s theme requires two faces. Something totally new and fun.

Kid’s Entry:

My daughter, Weslea, and her cousin, Caryn, are the best of friends even though Caryn is 11 and Weslea is only 8 (which can be a fairly big span at their ages.) I think their bond is even closer because neither one has a sister. I am so thankful that these two girls love each other so much and would choose the other one to play with over any other girl in their lives. They are so lucky to have one another!


Adults Entry:

I really was hoping to get together with my sisters this weekend for a “We Are Best Friends” kind of photo shoot, but it never happened (boo-hoo!) Then the thought crossed my mind that the hubby and I could take a photo of the two of us together…until I began to recall all the disasters that any other photo shoots the man was involved in quickly turned into.

So, it came down to the only adult photo that I had two people in…and that would be my “baby” brother and his new fiancee. They would definitely count as friends though. As in ushy-gooshy, lovey-dovey, smoochy-woochy friends at this stage of the game. 🙂

I love this photo because it caught Kathy right around the time that she realized that Jon had been goofing off for their entire photo shoot. She kept a calm, beautiful, serene smile on her face all while she was getting him back by tickling him (that boy does NOT like to be tickled one bit.) She’s going to fit into our family so well!


I always look forward to browsing through the I Faces entries each week. So much talent and inspiration all in one place! I thank each and every one of you who has gotten involved in the fun!

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