If I Only Had A Brain…

I’m pretty much a doofus. If you don’t believe me, all you have to do is read past posts like “Flappity Flappin’ Flappy Flaps”, “Strangest Evening…Ever!” or (my personal favorite doofus post) “A Tale of Mittens, a Hat, A Scarf and BIG Trouble.” Those should provide more than enough evidence of my doofusness, but just in case they don’t convince you…here’s just one more example:

About six months ago, I was talking to two ladies at my church and the conversation turned to them describing an afternoon they had spent together driving around finding interesting places to practice their photography at. I immediately invited myself to join them on their next drive (they were very nice about it!) and our little “Photography Drive Trio” was born.


A couple of Sundays ago, Bea and Jean got my attention at church and asked me if I’d like to join them for the next scheduled drive on March 31st.

I thought about it for about 1/1000th of a second and said “Uh, yeah! That’s a no brainer. Of course I would!!!” Bea went on to describe the place where she thought we might like to go next. I dutifully nodded along with her saying things like “Umm…yeah….that sounds wonderful…uh huh…cool…great….”

In the meantime, my mind was really swirling with thoughts of “Woo-hoo!! A day with no kids! I need to ask mom to babysit Weston and see if she can get the kids off the bus that day. Dang – I need to remember to charge my camera battery. Where is my other memory card? Why don’t I put the stupid memory cards in one stinkin’ place everytime I am done with them anyway?!, etc., etc., etc.”


I left our conversation that day having absolutely no idea where we were heading to on March 31st. I remembered hearing something about baby butterflies being released wherever we were going (what’s not to love about that?) and that the place we were going to was in Columbus. That was about it. I wasn’t clueless about where we were going because I hadn’t been told. Nope, I didn’t know where we were going because, honestly…sometimes I wonder if I have a brain left. Good grief…


One of the best parts of our outings is the opportunity we have to talk together and get to know one another better. About halfway to Columbus I started talking about my younger brother, Jon, and his beloved Kathy (who lives in Columbus) and about the church they are going to get married in down there…


And then I told them about the beautiful place where Jon and Kathy are going to have their reception. About how it is a large conservatory and their guests were going to have free run of the place the entire night of the wedding and about how it was so beautiful (I knew that because Kathy had posted photos on her blog.) And how I really wanted to take a drive down to the place sometime to get a real feel of what it was like since my brother has asked me to take some of the photos at the reception.


Bea was driving and she glanced at me in her rearview mirror with a funny look on her face and said “Um Angie…you did remember that we were going to a conservatory today, right? It’s the only conservatory in Columbus that I know of.”


There I was…the one who supposedly had listened to all the wonderful information Bea had already told me about this place. The one who supposedly knew exactly where we were going that day.

I. Was. Busted. Doh!


Yeah, that’s right…we were headed exactly to the place that I had been trying to think of a way to convince Sweatiepy that we *needed* to take a drive to so that I could scope it out before the wedding.


Hey friends…I seem to have lost my brain somewhere. If any of you find an extra one laying around somewhere, will you please send it to me at:

Angie Arthur
c/o If I Only Had A Brain
Clueless, Ohio

I’d be much obliged.