An Engagement Session.

I had my first engagement photography session this weekend!

I won’t even mention the fact that it was for my brother and his future wife…or that they were pretty much humoring me because I had begged them to pose so I could practice shooting “couple” photos…

Nope! I won’t even mention that little fact at all. Because…I had my first engagement photography session this weekend!! 🙂

The only disappointment I had was that it was a super-bright sunny day and everywhere I wanted to shoot (the cool textured walls in “the city”) were hit with such bright sunlight that we couldn’t even shoot there. I was really bummed about that. The good news is that they are coming back to visit in May so I’ll be able to force them into another photo shoot at that time.

Here are the photos that I was able to edit real quick…

I’m loving the leg kick!


jon14-OS CT
This photo cracks me up because neither of them are Ohio State fans (even though she lives in Columbus and Jon used to live there. I snuck a little bit of Ohio State in anyway. *snicker*)

I’ve begun to learn that as a photographer, you really don’t notice certain things while you’re shooting. Your focus is more on things like “am I using the right settings on my camera, is the focus in the correct place, is there any hair flying in their faces, is there anything distracting behind the subject, etc.)
It was during this photo that I realized I was yelling “Jon! You have to close your eyes while you’re kissing her or you look creepy.” After I yelled that I realized…I’m watching my brother make out with his woman and I didn’t even notice it. Ewwww! Gross!!
He wasn’t happy with me either…“Shut up! You’re ruining the moment!” {Double yuck!}

Those eyes…

I thought this one was super-cute even with her looking down…

And in color (because of those blue eyes)…


I’m throwing this one in because I just love it and I’m not even sure why. It was just a natural moment when we were sitting there talking about what to do about the stinkin’ sun that was shining straight in their faces. I love the look on Jon’s face. And his eyes. Why couldn’t one of my kiddos have gotten blue eyes?!

And here are my very two favorites. We worked for a long time to get these shots just right. I’m so glad we did!

Ahhhh. Young love.