A Day Of Drama.

Lord, grant me patience, compassion and understanding. Please, please. And please again. (Angie’s unending prayer yesterday.)

I picked Weston up from preschool on Friday and the teacher mentioned that they had no idea what was going on, but Weston had a huge puffy hive-looking thing by his eye and a bit of a rash on his tummy.
It gradually progressed to a rash that actually looked much worse in real life than a photo could ever capture…

Yes, my little guy had somehow managed to find a major patch of poison ivy on the one nice day we’ve had in the past six months.

As you can imagine, he was quite pathetic about the whole experience.

And I really couldn’t blame him.

By Sunday, the itching was just completely out-of-control for him and he was one miserable blob of little boy.

By Monday afternoon we were in the pediatrician’s office waiting for our turn to see Dr. M.

During the appointment, Dr. M said that we would need to put him on a special medication that would help control the itchiness while the poison ivy worked its way out of his little body. Okay, that’s good…he definitely needs something to help with the itchiness.

He then ended the appointment with these prophetic words: Now, sometimes this medication can cause a child to have a *bit* of a mood change. Don’t let it scare you…it’s completely normal when that happens.


Mood change…that’s not so good. But, when it’s a choice between your child scratching his skin off and giving himself scars or dealing with a *bit* of a mood change…I guess that I’ll deal with the mood change.
I gave Weston the medication when we got home. The evening went well. The itching stopped. Wow…this is great!

And then morning came and the child woke up…

I’m not here to claim in any shape or form that Weston is my easy, laid-back, go-with-the-flow child. He definitely isn’t.

I am here to say that I have NEVER, ever seen him lose control like he did this morning though. It was way more than a *bit* of a mood change.

Despite the fact that on a level from 1 to 10, my frustration was at Level #99…the poor boy was so pathetic, it was almost funny. I seriously had to go in another room after awhile so he wouldn’t see me getting some (very inappropriate) fits of giggles.

Poor guy…

Here’s a brief rundown on part of this morning’s ongoing conversation that I got to participate in with him…
Weston: My don’t want to go to school!
Me: You don’t have to go to preschool today. It’s a stay-at-home day. But you do need to get dressed so we can drive the other kids to school.
Me: You don’t have to go to school. There is no preschool today!
Weston: My can’t go to school today. Look at me! (gesturing at his face) My looks horrible.
Me: Fine, you don’t have to go to school today.

Me: {Please God help me now…}

This continues all morning long. All. Morning. Long.

We finally get the kids to school (with Weston sobbing there and back), get home and walk into the house where we got to interact in this uplifting conversation…
Weston: My NEVER gets to eat at McDonald’s. It’s not fair!
Me: You ate there yesterday Weston.
Weston: But my wanted to go there RIGHT NOW and you said “no!” It’s NOT fair!
Me: We will find something to eat here at home.

Weston: {15 minutes later} still saying Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine…
I then hear him balling his eyes out in the kitchen (at 9:00 in the morning!) I walked out there just to hear him announce…We NEVER have any macaroni and cheese. Why didn’t you buy macaroni and cheese at the store last time?!

Me: I can buy it the next time I go there Weston, but you need to pick breakfast food to eat right now anyway.
Weston: You didn’t buy macaroni and cheese ON PURPOSE and my know it!
Me: Yes, you’re right. I forgot to buy macaroni and cheese…on purpose…because it’s my sole purpose in life to make sure I make you miserable at every available opportunity. {I didn’t really say that last part…but I wanted to!}


Weston: My hates this day!

Weston: You never, ever tickle me and IT’S NOT FAIR!!!

Weston: My am hiding under the blanket and you NEVER, ever try to find me!!!!oldskool8

Weston: This is the worst day EVER!!!!!!!

Oh my stinkin’ heck…this is the worst day ever!

All I have to say is that the next time Dr. M tells me that one of my children might have a *bit* of a mood change from their medicine, I’m going to invite him to spend the next seven days at my home caring for that child until all of the medication is gone.

The puddle of desperation that my son became is just something I don’t think I can deal with again.

We are now getting ready to start Day #2 of his medication….

And my prayer begins all over again…