A Changing Of The Guard?

Last night marked the event of something new in the Arthur household.

A passing of the torch, some might say.

The crushing of one’s spirit, others might say.

You see, last night…Will and his father had their typical Madden Football ‘09 showdown on our Wii.

Only this time…the dad lost the game. For the first time ever.

And he didn’t only lose the game.

He was crushed by his opponent. Final Score? Will: 52 – Dad: 28

So, instead of spending his quiet time before bed quietly reading a story…


Will was much more interested in participating in a wild and crazy (and much deserved) Victory Dance instead.


He was just a *bit* stoked about the whole thing and was quite exuberant in his victory. Maybe even a bit of “rubbing it in his dad’s face” was going on.

Of course, the dad has never been quiet in his victories either.


P.S. The Dad pulled me aside last night to let me know how unhappy he was about this whole experience. I have a sneaky suspicion that he might be taking a VACATION day off in the near future so that he can practice playing a VIDEO GAME the entire day while his son is AT SCHOOL. A changing of the guard? Not if this dad can help it!

P.S.S. Boys! Geesh…