Where is Spring?

At the beginning of March, my friend Tammy wrote a beautiful post about what a difficult month March is for many people, but how we should hang in there and it would soon be spring…full of warm weather, beautiful life and green.

I, like an *idiot*, wrote a comment back about how February was actually always much harder for me because of the snow, snow and more snow around here and about how March at least held the promise of spring, yadda, yadda, yadda…

(She probably wanted to tell me to “shut it!”)


I am now in the middle of March and totally realizing that what she wrote was the truth. The background in the above photo of Wyatt is a true reflection of what Ohio looks like right now. Brown, dead, blah, dull, boring, muted and drab….completely uninspiring to a photographer. Between having the flu two weeks ago (blech), having a horrible chest congestion/fever/sore throat/cold thing going on right now (double-blech), and the drab colors of March…I haven’t been inspired to do anything with my camera. As someone who normally never gets the blahs and who also usually takes 50-100 photos a day, I hate that I’ve been feeling this way.

Thank goodness for my kids though! With two March birthdays, that will at least force me to pick up my camera to commemorate their special days. I’m already planning my “Birthday Letter to Wyatt” who just turned seven this past weekend.

So, here’s my official “time to kick the ‘will-spring-ever-come’ blahs out of here” note to myself. It’s time to start looking forward to the promises of spring that I can see.