Thank You Dear Son Of Mine.

I just have to take a moment to brag on our son, Weston, here for a moment…

Like most parents in the world, we have tried to teach our children the importance of sharing things with others.

And yesterday, Weston just became the *best* sharer in all the world.


Yep, he loves me with all his heart and cares for me so deeply that he decided to share everything he could with me…


Including the flu that he’s been battling for a week now.


I’m so very, very happy that we’ve been teaching our kids to share!!


{These photos were all taken on the last Photography Drive I went on with my friends. Weston found a frozen puddle that he called his “pond” and he used his “spear” to poke holes in it and to scratch his name into the ice.}

And now I’m heading back to bed…or at least I would be heading back to bed, except that I’ve never actually left my bed. Blech.