"Messy" Photo Challenge

One week for our “Question of the Week” on I Faces, Amy and I asked the participants what themes they would like to see during future weeks on our website. One of the most popular ideas by far was “messy.”

Kids Category:

I had to dig deep for the messy theme. I finally found this photo back in my folder of photos that were taken in 2004 (way back before I knew anything at all about photography.) Our son, Wyatt, had found this plastic fishing pole and decided to go “fishing” in a big puddle he found next to our driveway. Dang! He sure was a cutie…this photo is making me miss the days of his pudgy little cheekies. He was living in the moment and loving life that day!

iHeartFaces - Kids (Messy)

Adults Category:

I searched through all of my photo files for over an hour last night looking for a messy photo of an adult face. I found…nothing. In desperation I finally turned to my hubby and said “would you mind shaving right now so I can take a photo of your face for messy week on I Faces?” When he looked at me and immediately said “Sure, I’ll do that for you.”…that should have been the first sign that he was up to no good. But, did I catch onto that signal? Ummm…no. Miss Gullible (that would be me) was ecstatic and absolutely thrilled that the hubby would help her out that way.

Five minutes later he walked out of the bathroom…with his entire face (and chest) completely covered with shaving cream. He is such a brat! So, his little joke on me led to what is probably one of the creepiest looking photos I have ever taken. This photo would not be seeing the light of day except that I had absolutely no other choices.

iHeartFaces - Adult (Messy)

I can’t even imagine how many messy faces I’m going to be looking at this week! Should be a fun week to browse through the photos. Good luck everyone! 🙂