Memory Lane. *wink, wink*

I don’t have any photos for this post, but you’ll probably thank me for that in just a minute.

This blog was started years ago as a way to record the little, funny things that happen during the course of my day with our children. Things that I know I would never remember if I didn’t have someplace to write them down. From there my blog has also evolved into a place where I can also record my photography journey. And now, after talking to my older sister, Janine, the other day…I began to think that it might also be nice to use it as a way to record those funny stories that my siblings and I recall from our childhood days as well.

This is one of those incredibly humorous stories.

Most of you who have hung around here for awhile know that I was raised in a fairly conservative home. Heck, who am I kidding?! I was raised in an EXTREMELY conservative home. Part of being raised in that home meant that I never learned about the “birds and the bees” from my parents. Nope, that information came from a medical book that my mom had stored away (she was an RN before all of us kids came along) and from whispering about it with my other siblings. “Birds and the bees” just weren’t talked about…and we certainly never heard my mom and dad discussing their sex life in any shape or form (thank you Lord!)

So, imagine our surprise when we were sitting around the dinner table as a family one day and my dad turned to my mom and said “Hey Karen, would you like to go to have a ‘lil sex?”

{Insert five mouth-gaping, slack-jawed, completely-shocked faces here and you would just about have the look that my siblings and I were sporting at that moment.}

My mom, who wasn’t really paying attention to my dad, just said “Hmm? What was that?” in a very non-stressed manner, continuing to eat her dinner.

We immediately knew that she hadn’t heard what dad had just said or she would have been under the table dying of embarrassment.

Much to our complete and utter horror, my dad repeated the question. “I asked, would you like to go to have a ‘lil sex?”

We are beyond horrified by this point and completely befuddled as to why our mom is not completely freaking out by this time.

My older sister finally piped up bravely and said “Don’t you think that you really shouldn’t discuss that…right here…in front of all of us?” While we were all really thinking…please, for the love of Pete…don’t ask mom that again!

It took my dad a moment until all of the sudden it hit him as to what we had all thought he had said. Three hours later (when he finished rolling on the floor in laughter) we finally figured out what he was really asking our mom.

He was actually asking her “Karen, would you like to go to the Havliseck’s?” (Some friends of theirs from our church.)

I can tell you this though…we will never, ever, ever forget the day our conservative, Christian dad asked our mother to “have a little sex” with him at the dinner table though.

Not in this lifetime!