"Green" Photo Challenge

In celebration of St. Patty’s Day, we are having a green-themed week at I Faces!

Button - Kids

In slight desperation, I was getting ready to go through all of my millions of photo files this afternoon in search of the one green photo I had in the back of my mind….when I looked over and saw that my daughter had kindly picked out a green sweater to wear to church this morning (thank you Weslea!!) She is always up for a photo shoot so we headed outside and came up with this cutie-pie photo. I love the “real” look that her messy hair gives this photo. This is how she always looks in real life. 🙂


Button - Adults

I’m once again bringing back my kiddos lifeguard and sometimes babysitter, Chelsey, for the adult category this week. Since she is a cheerleader at one of the local high schools, I tried to take a bunch of cheerleader photos for her senior photo shoot that we did. Luckily, her school colors are green & white, which came in mighty handy this week!

After I finished editing this photo, I used a vintage wash action over it and really liked the muted look it gave to the photo.


So, what are your plans for St. Patty’s Day? Anything fun?!

We don’t do much of anything around here…except we try to remember to wear green so we don’t get pinched!

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s entries this week…

co-founder of I Faces