An Impromptu Photo Shoot.

Here’s the long story for this photo shoot…

After giving birth to our first child, I realized that I needed to come up with a new birthing plan besides taking a class that was literally called “How To Survive Until You Get The Epidural.” (No joke…it was actually called that!) It was during Will’s birth that I first learned that my body overreacts to medication and that the epidural was just plain awful for me. Unlike most of the other women in my life, I hated the epidural and wanted nothing to do with it ever again in this lifetime.

While I was pregnant with our daughter, I discovered an incredible birthing method that ended up working wonders for me. It basically just focused on teaching you to get rid of your fear of the pain associated with birthing and it taught techniques that help keep you relaxed and able to let your body do the work it needs to do to birth your child. Maybe that birthing plan wouldn’t work for everyone, but it worked miracles for me. When I was able to rid myself of the fear of the pain of giving birth, my body was able to relax and do the work for me. Out of the next three births I went through, two occurred so quickly that I literally was only in the hospital for 15 minutes and there wasn’t even time for the doctor to arrive at the hospital to deliver the baby (thank goodness for a supportive hubby and available midwives and nurses!) All three of the other births were under two hours each…now that’s my kind of birthing story!

Flash forward a few years and my sister, Andrea, and then my sister-in-law, Tracy, decided that they wanted to use the same birthing method that I had used and both of them asked me to be their birthing coach/doula/friend. I was beyond thrilled by both experiences. Outside of my own birthing experiences, those two births were two of the top “most-awesome moments ever” in my life! Maybe because I got to appreciate the miracle of birthing even more since I wasn’t right in the middle of doing the work myself.

Tracy came over on Monday with her little guy (the same little guy that I was privileged to be there to experience his birth)….and we did an impromptu photo shoot to celebrate James’ 4th birthday.







After that experience, let me tell you one thing I am truly grateful for now…

I am thankful for my four children who are well-trained to look at the camera and who will actually say “Mom! Take a picture of me!”

And I’m thinking that helping James’ mom give birth to him might have actually been easier than taking photos of him four years later.

Four-year-old boys that aren’t used to looking at a camera are sure to keep the photographer on her toes! God bless all the photographers who actually do this for a living…