A Dissertation on “Humans”

Want to hear something weird? My children call other people….”humans.”

I know that other people are, in fact, humans…but to actually call them “humans”…pretty much all the time…that’s a bit odd.

Bill and I have absolutely no idea why they do this either. I mean, it’s not like he comes home from work everyday, sits down at the dinner table and starts talking about the business meeting he had with the “other humans” that day. And I certainly don’t talk about “the humans” that I saw at the gym while I was working out there this morning.

It started when our oldest son, Will, started school. One afternoon he came home from school very excited about the pick-up football game the boys in his grade had played that day at recess.

{If there is one thing I have learned about Boys and School it’s this…football at recess is their sole purpose for getting through the school day. They live, breathe, eat and sleep for that 30 minutes when they get to go outside and throw the old pigskin at each other. If there is bad weather that day? That means there is indoor recess. Which also means it’s The. End. Of. The. World. }

But I digress…Will came home from school one day extremely excited about the game of football he had played with his friends (a.k.a “humans.”) While animatedly reenacting the game for me using his descriptive words, I noticed something odd in the way he was talking to me…

“We played football at school today mom and it was SO COOL! During this one play, this one human threw the ball all the way across the field. He threw it so far mom! And this other human, his name is Dylan, he caught it. It was amazing. And then the humans all thought I was awesome because I made TWO touchdowns. It was soooooo cool!”

Hello? Whaaaaa?? The Whos were playing football with you? Why in the name of tarnation are you talking that way?

And since that day, all of our kids have started doing this. All four weirdo Arthur kids refer to other people as “humans.”

Just a few minutes ago, Weston asked me to put a cartoon on for him. As I was flipping through the stations I read off the different shows he could watch for the next half hour. When I got to a new cartoon called Kid vs. Kat I read the title real quick and then went on down the list. He started shouting “My want to watch Kat vs. Human! That’s my favorite!”

Me: You mean “Kid vs. Kat?”

Weston: Yeah – Kat vs. Human! That’s what my want to watch mom!

There’s no way that can be considered as anything other than odd. Don’t ya think?

On the other hand…it does make me laugh everytime!