“Pouting” Photo Challenge

This week at I Faces we are having two categories – Kids and a one-week special category of Pets.

Kids Entry:

The Kids theme this week is pouting. My kids were hamming it up for the camera this week and I got two awesome pouting shots without having to pose them at all. One was this photo of Wyatt that I posted a few days ago and the other was this major pouty face that Weston gave me. Since it is Weston’s birthday TODAY I figured I better pick his photo this time. (My baby is five now and mom’s having a hard time accepting that he’s grown up so fast!)

What a goof! I probably used the incorrect aperture for this shot, but I actually like the way it put the focus entirely on his poochie lip.


Pets Entry:

Our Pets theme is “Anything Goes.” I really don’t have very many photos of a pet all by itself, so I’m going to have to use a photo of my daughter with our friend’s puppy. If there is ever a puppy anywhere in the area, Weslea is sure to confiscate it for as long as she can. I suspect that she’s going to beg her way into getting her own puppy sometime in the future. {sigh}

Puppies = messes and chewed up pillows and potty accidents to me

Puppies = pure heaven to Weslea


I’m looking forward to another fun week at I Faces. I hope that you all are as inspired by the entries as I always am….I’m loving it!

co-founder of I Faces