The Sound of Silence.

I’m currently laying on my bed at the Hotel Preston in Nashville listening to the all-consuming sound of….silence.


In approximately two hours, I will get to meet my friend and co-founder of I FacesAmy Locurto, for the first time ever! It will also be the first time that I spend the night in a hotel room with a “stranger.” {Okay, that was bad. I’ll shut up now.}

To say I am giddy about meeting her would be just a *slight* understatement. I even have a gift bag ready for her and there is even a gift in there for her hubby. You’re going to love to see that one when I post it. Hee!

I was lucky enough to get a non-stop flight to Nashville so I didn’t have to endure any long layovers and can now spend my time surfing the ‘net until the Blissdom festivities (whatever they might be) begin.

Speaking of non-stop…you all know the Vizzini character from Princess Bride, right?

Well, lucky me! He (or someone very similar to him) sat right behind my seat on the airplane and talked very loudly, non-stop for the. entire. flight.


It was a non-stop flight in more ways than one…

{I’ll try to get back on here throughout the weekend to let you all know how things are going.}