The Big Dance…

Weslea’s Father/Daughter Dance was Friday night and I was thrilled to be able to attend with them as one of the photographers for the evening.

The first part of my night was spent taking the “formal” shots of each dad with his daughter(s). I hate to say this, but taking formal shots is not my most favorite thing to do, but it was so cute to see the little “dad routine” that happened each time a new couple walked in the room.

It went something like this:
1) Dad and little girl(s) walk in
2) Dad gives the camera a look of sheer horror
3) That look is quickly followed by a second look that says “Well, I might as well do this and get it over with. I’ve got to do this for my little girl or my wife will kill me!”
4) Dad tries his best to get his little girl “camera ready” for the big photo shoot. (I’ve never seen so many messed up hairdos, crooked barrettes and half-hanging-onto-the hair crowns in all my life.) So stinkin’ funny…and so super-sweet to see.

The second part of my night was pure and utter fun for me…it was the time I spent out on the dance floor getting the more natural shots, catching the girls in the moment while they were getting their groove on.

I have to tell you, 171 girls = a whole lot of giddy fun going on!

There were the “woo-hoo”, super-exciting FUN moments…









And then there were the “oh my word this is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!” daddy-and-daughter moments that just melted my heart…








By the end of the evening, we were all exhausted and ready to head on home…


But what a fun, exciting, wonderful night to be a part of!

{All of these photos were taken in almost complete darkness. Can you even believe that? My friend (whom I will love forever) let me borrow her awesome add-on diffused flash (similar to this one) for the evening and it made it possible for me to get these amazingly clear shots…in the dark. I was astounded at the difference it made and guess what piece of camera equipment is the #1 item on my “wish list” now?}