Thank You Dad…

Every Sunday in our area, every household in our county receives a copy of a free newspaper called The Trading Post. It’s just a smalltown newspaper that’s a bit quirky at times…but we all love it.

The front page usually features a smalltown tradition (like the annual pancake breakfast that a local Fire Association puts on to raise money for their town), it has a “Street Talk” section that asks a fun question (this week’s question was “What first sign of spring do you look forward to?”) and then they show photos of five local people and the answers they gave to the question.

We love to check out the page that they use to feature our local school system…the kids are always thrilled if they see a photo of themselves or one of their friends in there. (I’m excited that several of my Father/Daughter Dance photos are probably going to be on our school page next week!)

And we always like to read through the editorial pages where local people send in their letters to be featured…most of them are of a political nature (either for or against a certain political group or person) but others are heartwarming letters of thanks for a variety of different reasons.

Imagine my surprise when I opened up the paper this morning and read a beautiful thank you note that a lady had written to the local hospital, nurses and staff that had cared for her husband during the last days of his life. And right there, included in her thank-you note was…my dad.

My dad has chosen to spend his “retirement years” as a volunteer chaplain spending countless hours ministering to patients and their families at the local hospital. It seems this was just one occasion when the hospital had called him in the middle of the night to ask him to sit with and pray with a family that was going through one of the most difficult things that can happen to anyone…the final hours of life for one of their family members.

It then hit me that it actually didn’t surprise me at all…it was like I completely expected it. It is the way my dad has lived his life. Serving others and putting them before himself. It was wonderful to see him thanked for the way he has been there for so many others.

And I’d like to thank him for being a good example to all of us…

I love ya Dad…