"Silly" Photo Challenge

We are entering Week 5 (holy cow!) of I Faces and this week’s theme is “Silly.” As the co-founder, you all know that I can’t officially “win” anything, but just like most of you…I love to play along for the fun of it, for the inspiration I can receive from others and so that I can learn even more about photography along the way. That’s really what the true purpose of I Faces is all about!

Well, I just spent the weekend with one of the most fun and silliest people I have ever met…so you know I have to post a photo of my girl and I Faces partner-in-crime, Amy. Just wait until I share how crazy and fun she is in a later post. 🙂
Adult Entry:
(which was actually taken by Mrs. Flinger when we went out to dinner with a bunch of crazy gals at Blissdom)
the I ♥ Faces Girls
Kid Entry:

This is our youngest son, Weston, who decided to show off his giraffe tongue one day. Our children’s very talented and accomplished mother (that would be me) is able to touch her tongue to the tip of her nose. I’m telling you, it’s quite a fantastic talent.

All of the kiddos are now are trying to join me in my wonderful accomplishments and they practice trying to touch their tongue to the tips of their nose a lot. I kid you not, this is like a major goal that they all are seriously trying to master.

I’m fairly certain that Weston, with that big, long tongue, will probably be the first to accomplish this amazing goal. And what a proud day that will be in The Arthur Clan.


Those are my silly entries for this week. I hope they made you smile and made your day a bit happier!

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