Silly Games.

As I’ve mentioned before, our weekends pretty much revolve around a little sport called basketball right now.


And the two younger boys in our household aren’t impressed at all with the enormous amounts of time we spend sitting around basketball courts watching their older brother and sister compete. Boring!!


Lately, they’ve resorted to making up little games to keep themselves amused on the sidelines and the most recent game they’ve come up with is something I like to call “Squishy Face.” A game that apparently involves a whole lot of squishing the other brother’s face and mounds of hysterical giggling.


At the last game we attended, I almost turned around and shushed them (because their giggles were a bit extreme…)


And then I thought…whatever. At least they are having fun, staying out of trouble and sitting in their seats.

After a billion hours of sitting on the hard, metal bleacher seats…that’s all a mama can ask for really. Have fun. Stay out of trouble. Sit in your seats.

Works for me!