My Guy, Weston.

I posted photos from one side of the cove that we saw while we were at Lake Erie the other day, here are a couple of photos from the other side of the cove.

If you look way, way off in the distance…across all that amazing ice…you will see one of the most incredible man-made attractions in northern Ohio. Cedar Point!


Here is a zoomed in shot…


I still just cannot believe all that ice. I never imagined Lake Erie looking like that ever!

My favorite part of the day was hanging out with this guy though. Sticking-out ears, chapped mouth, dirty face and all…


We got a giggle out of his ears all day long….them sticking out all crazy-like didn’t seem to bother him a bit. He stayed like that for most of our Lake Erie visit until I couldn’t handle it any longer and had to cover them up!


I’m enjoying this last year that we have together…just him and me.

He’s my little guy who still says “No…my wants MOM to do it!” (Which can drive dad and mom both crazy sometimes, but I still love it.)


And the same little guy who, every night after we say prayers and I say “I love you Weston!”, always responds by saying “My love you more!”

I’m not sure if it’s even possible for him to love me more than I love him, but I’ll take it!