More Fun At Blissdom.

I thought I’d share a few other fun moments with Amy while we were attending the Blissdom conference last weekend…

This is Amy admiring the “dress” made out of crayons.
Blissdom09 - 3

And this would be Amy standing on a nearby stool so she can pretend she is wearing the crayon “dress.” She is working it bay-bee!
Blissdom09 - 4

Our hotel apparently had a fascination with bras.

Amy did too.
Blissdom09 - 5

On Night #2 of the conference, we went down to hang out at the social hour for awhile. It was karaoke night and (I kid you not!) guess who turned around and found the karaoke guy down on one knee next to her, singing his first song right to her?

Yeah…that would be me. The same me whose face promptly turned bright red with embarrassment while I begged him to please go away!

He didn’t listen to me.

About three minutes later, my good buddy Amy stood up and announced that “this party is lame…I’m going to go get this party started!” And there she went with her bad self right up to that stage and sang “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” The first karaoke song from the audience…I was so very impressed. 😉
Blissdom09 - 7

After the social hour, Amy and I hooked up with our friend, Julia, from Hooked on Houses. (If you’ve never read her blog before, be sure to go check it out. It’s one of the most creative blogs I’ve ever seen and she is a doll in person.)
Blissdom09 - 12

The three of us joined a large group of Ohio Gals who were going out to dinner at this really nice steak house in Nashville.
Blissdom09 - 11

At this restaurant, we had the funniest, most unique, creative and slightly risque waiter I have ever had serve me. (Close your eyes for a moment if you get offended easily.) In this next photo he (honest to God!) is explaining to us all about his “hot, chocolate nuts.” Obviously, he was describing the dessert, but the comparison was hysterically funny. He had that group of ladies in stitches over his antics throughout the entire dinner.

Blissdom09 - 10

And, to round out this fun recap, how could I leave out the *asset* photo. I know any ladies reading this are saying a big, old “Thank you Angie!!” right now. {hee!}

Blissdom09 - 21

As far as conferences go, it was just about as good as it could have possibly been. A bunch of down-to-earth, real women enjoying their brief girls-time away from their families.

And some fine *assets.* That always makes a weekend better too.