Miss Maggie.

We were invited to a Superbowl party at our friend’s home on Sunday evening. Now, I have 0% interest in watching the Superbowl…but having a chance to hang out with friends, enjoy adult conversation and chill for the evening. That’s wonderful!

The real entertainment of the evening for us didn’t end up being the Superbowl though. Nope ~ the real entertainment for us was Miss Maggie, our friend’s dog.

And while Miss Maggie is so ugly that she’s cute, she would just have been your typical, friendly, loving dog.

Except for the fact that she decided she was afraid of my camera.

And when I say “afraid”, I mean that she was not liking that camera at all. Not one bit.

If I hid my camera from her, she was her sweet, loving self. She would come over and let me hug and pet her…

But the very second she would notice my camera again, she would go into full-awareness mode…

And then either find someone to “protect” her…

Or someone who would “hide” her.

All the while peeking behind her to see if that horrible black box had disappeared yet. It was the most hysterical thing I’ve seen in a long time!

We even tried bribing her with cookies, doggie treats and her favorite toy. That helped me get some cute shots of her.

But not very many with her looking right at me because that was when we’d go back into the whole routine of “I need to hide”/”I need someone to protect me”/”I’m going to pretend that black box isn’t here!”/”Okay – Maggie’s out of here!” that she perfected so well throughout the evening.

As I wiped away my tears of laughter that evening, I decided not to let Maggie’s fear of my camera hurt my feelings too much.

Because, while Maggie might have been afraid of my black box, our friend’s other pets were completely fine with with it!

They even posed a bit for me and let me get some really great shots.

See? It wasn’t me. It was her! I have photographic proof of it.